Bushcraft Party

We run an hour and a half of activities and then the parents take over for the last half an hour for food.

We do have the option of us providing the food where we provide half of a pizza a bag of crisps and a drink for £4.99 per child.

If you would like to use our pizza oven to bring down your own pizza's there is a £20.00 hire charge. Pizza tend to take around 30 seconds or less to make.

Try one of our Bushcraft Parties where the kids can choose from Fire Lighting, Woodland Cooking, Safe Knife skills, Axe Throwing, Den Building. In general we will do 3 activities.

Cost £10.00 per child with a minimum of £100.00

Through trial and error we have found that doing the activities for about half an hour per activity is the optimum time and so we suggest that when you are thinking about a party that you pick 3 activities. These can be taken from the list in the Bushcraft party and from the 3 below. So for example the most popular is Nerf, followed by fire lighting and ending with Axe throwing.

Nerf Wars


Nerf wars is always a favourite and lots of fun and full on

Axe Throwing

Probably the most popular of our parties which can also include BB gun just ask when you book



We all like to think that we are Robin Hood why not let us give you a chance to give it a go with Tracy our qualified instructor.

Safe Archery


This is soooo much fun the arrows have soft foam ends on them which bounce off if you get hit with one, the kids are first shown how to use a bow and arrow, then they get to fire at our animal targets and then they get to go against each other.

Payment for parties - When booking a party we ask for a 50% deposit on booking with the remittance paid 1 week prior to the party. We will email you with account details in our booking confirmation.